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We appreciate your choosing Portland Auditory Processing Diagnostics. APD testing is typically recommended after long searches for other causes have not proved helpful. We understand how important this testing is to you and your family, and how it is tinged with worry and concern. In the interests of full disclosure and no unwanted surprises, this page will inform you about the costs associated with Auditory Processing testing. We hope this page is informative, but naturally, we would be happy to clarify our financial policies further with you personally.

Fees. The cost of a comprehensive evaluation of Auditory Processing ranges from $995 to $1449 including a basic audiometric (hearing) evaluation. Specific charges depend upon analysis time needed. This can be discussed before the evaluation. If you already have a copy of an audiogram done by a licensed audiologist within three months of the APD testing, the comprehensive price is discounted $100.00. In that case the initial APD evaluation fee would range from $895 to $1349.

Insurance Claims. Portland Auditory Processing Diagnostics (Portland APD) is associated with some, BUT NOT ALL, third-party payers or insurance plans. Portland APD works with

  • Providence EPO and PPO plans (and PEBB)
  • Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield (and other Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans)
  • Aetna
  • First Choice Health PPO Network
  • Asuris
  • CIGNA (check Greatwest sepately)
  • HealthNet of Oregon
  • Humana
  • LifeWise
  • Managed Healthcare NW/Caremark
  • MultiPlan+PHCS, ODS
  • Pacific Source
  • Premara
  • United Health Care-Pacific Care.

Portland APD was also happy to work with EMR Legacy and Columbia United Plan (CUP) in the past, but those entities have reclassified an auditory processing disorder as an educational problem, so they have cancelled Portland APD’s provider status. Kaiser Insurance has always maintained that auditory processing disorders are not health-related, and APD evaluations are, therefore, not covered by any Kaiser Insurance Plan (including employer plans administered by Kaiser). Tri-West health insurance does not recognize the APD procedure codes. Unhappily (it is not the choice of Portland APD), all Oregon and Washington Medicaid programs will not reimburse for APD testing (this includes Family Care, Oregon Health Plan, etc.)

If you have an insurance plan that does not have a relationship with Portland APD, you will be responsible for the full charges for the evaluation. Payment will be required at time of testing. Portland APD will cooperate to furnish documentation (invoice and statements) so that you can request reimbursement for evaluation charges from other insurance companies, or to access funds in your Health Savings Account. Portland APD cannot accept credit card payments. Payments to a Health Savings Account need to be paid first, and then a statement proving your payment will be provided. You can then send the statement to your Health Savings Account which will reimburse you directly.

If you are planning to submit the statement to an insurance company or third-party payer not on the above list, it is advisable to obtain pre-authorization. It may be necessary for you to provide the insurance company or third-party payer with a referral from your primary care physician for the testing. You will be responsible for procuring the referral if it is necessary.

  • Preliminary Case Review (via telephone, up to 30 minutes). During this telephone call, background history is collected.
  • Records Review. The evaluator reads other pertinent records (IEP, etc.).
  • Interview with parent and child before testing.
  • APD Testing. Two to three hours of formal testing is done with a two-channel audiometer in a sound-treated booth. Each child is different, and breaks are taken according to the child’s needs, so this period varies with each individual. Evaluator and parents will have time for a short discussion after testing is completed.
  • Report. Writing the formal report takes at least three hours, often more. This report is completed within one week of your child’s testing.
  • Post-evaluation conference. The report is explained and remediation planned.
  • Written report. A hard copy of the report is sent to parents. (Parents may sign a release to receive a copy of the report via e-mail, if they wish.)

On average, testing involves eight hours of professional time per evaluation.

Payment. At this time, Portland APD can only accept cash payments or checks made out to Portland APD as payment for services. A $75 fee for all returned checks will be added to the billing. Reports cannot be released until payment has occurred.

Emergencies: Because we are essentially scheduling a day’s worth of professional time to prepare, evaluate and report on your child Portland APD requires a minimum of 24 hours notice if an unforeseen emergency makes it necessary for you to cancel or reschedule your appointment. Portland APD reserves the right to charge a $150 cancellation fee for all no-show appointments or appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice.

Contact Dr. Polich or Portland APD

825 NE 20th Avenue, #230
Portland, OR 97232
Office telephone: 503.806.1498
Office email:
Office FAX: 503.234.4227

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